National & International Organizational Consulting

    Human Dynamics Associates, Inc. (HDA) is committed to helping corporations, agencies, and institutions integrate the human dimension with their organizational goals.

    The online and in-person Keynote and Training topics have been developed as a result of requests from top management, human resource specialists, and meeting planners.

    The generic descriptions give you an idea of their focus. However, as the effectiveness of any session depends on how easily it relates to an organization's unique circumstances, HDA works with you to develop an enjoyable and informative learning experience tailored to your designated audience and/or individual requirements.

    Gerri King, Ph.D., and her carefully selected associates, stand ready to present the selected session(s) in a number of formats including keynote speeches, seminars, workshops on or off-site, or retreats, each specifically designed to meet the needs of your particular group.

    When additional expertise is required, HDA subcontracts with the best and brightest consultants from a wide variety of fields.

    Contact Gerri

    For more information or ideas about how we can customize online or in-person presentation/training or facilitation packages for you, please contact Gerri.

    Keynote Speaking

    A menu of topics offers creative and exciting options for launching professional conferences.


    Assistance with strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, conflict resolution, and more.


    Presentations on a wide variety of topics for staff and leadership teams are designed to meet your needs.


    Information is available on the topics that are most requested and a few that should be.

    The Duh! Book

    Managers and leaders will be challenged, entertained, and made to thoughtfully question conventional wisdom.
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